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Latest News

Southampton Boat Show - England
Well 10 days at the Southampton Boat Show in England is finally over and what a great success.   The British boating public loved the FSBO concept and the stand was busy every day with peop...
FSBO Yachts launches in America
After a year's test marketing in Europe, FSBO Yachts Ltd launches the first and only dedicated marine marketing site exclusively for Private sellers and buyers in America.   For some time n...
FSBO Yachts Reaches 500 Customers in Europe.
It gives the team of FSBO Yachts real pleasure to announce our five hundredth customer and we have our clients, advisors and simply fellow boat owners to thank for this tremendous milestone.  ...
FSBO Yachts Officially Launches in Europe
It gives us great pleasure to update you with the latest from FSBO Yachts.   Having spent a considerable time talking with current and past boat owners on both sides of the pond it was alwa...


Eric D / UK
"I stumbled on the FSBO Yachts site and for the money thought I would give it a go... I had 3 enquires in the first weekend and my boat sold within 2 weeks. Finally someone is giving us, the normal bo
Sarah B / Destin. Florida
"I have owned and sold several boats over the years, my entire family are boat mad... I never saw the value in the brokers I used in the past. They took some pictures, put my boat on the internet then
Scott W / Texas
"FSBO is a great concept... I sold my house myself so why not my yacht... I saved enough money in commissions to buy a second boat for my son... it was quick, easy to use and the thrill of seeing my b
Steven M / Miami
"My yacht is over the million dollar range and Yacht Brokers are all over me when I change and upgrade... same story every couple or three years, I lose money on the yacht I sell and its always compou

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